Working at Aurolia

Aurolia Technologies is a quality- and customer-oriented surface technology company based in Meiningen. Our expertise in high-quality chemical and electrochemical surface finishing makes us a key partner for companies across various industries – automotive, aerospace, or medical technology, to name a few.

Thanks to our portfolio and the high quality of our products, our work is in high demand even in these challenging times. Currently, we are planning a new production facility in the region, which will position Aurolia as one of the most important and high-performance electroplating companies in Europe!

Do you have any questions or would you like to apply directly to us?

Michelle Kaiser
Michelle Kaiser

Our HR Manager, Ms. Michelle Kaiser, is at your disposal.

Phone: 036 93 88 53 120
Email: application@aurolia.de


The right formula for your success

Aurolia Technologies qualifies itself with state-of-the-art technology and comprehensive expertise for high-quality, chemical, and electrochemical surface finishing of precision parts made from numerous metal alloys. Our skilled workers, masters, and engineers work diligently every day to optimize our customers’ products and achieve a unique surface quality for them, layer by layer. Since 2012, we have been coating our customers’ products under excellent conditions. A fully automated anodizing-hard anodizing system and a system for the chemical nickel plating of aluminum, steel, and non-ferrous metals are housed at our location in Meiningen and are utilized daily for high-performance product surfaces.

Thanks to automated processes and modern robotics, our expertise lies in the processes – not in the heads. In this way, we minimize the stress of our employees and ensure the highest quality of our products. This is why jobs at Aurolia have been so crisis-proof even in the past difficult years.

The next Generation

Pursuing a big goal in small steps

Continuous growth is often better and more sustainable than aiming to achieve too much too quickly. We follow this creed not only in our corporate planning but also with our employees. Especially with our youngest ones, we want to provide the freedom to become a little better every day – in an environment where it’s enjoyable to work.

Because you are the next generation. You will shape the future of Aurolia with your ideas. Take the first step now and become part of a team where you can grow and build a career.

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