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Aurolia – More beneath the surface.

The demands on modern surfaces are high. They must be more durable, performant, and resilient than ever before. It’s crucial to address the unique characteristics of each component, especially in ambitious projects and with exceptional materials.

You can’t buy electroplating off the shelf. Every alloy is as unique as our customers. They have their own requirements and need individual and precise analysis before we can start working. Coating itself is just one aspect of our work. Aurolia means: listening, understanding, offering solutions. This consultancy is an integral part of our service. Since our founding in 2012, our electroplating masters and engineers have overcome many challenges and built up expertise that you can benefit from.

Today, we are one of the leading surface coaters in Germany. Renowned companies in medical technology, mechanical engineering, or automotive technology rely on our work. We employ a steadily growing team of excellently trained employees. And we cover every aspect of surface technology from consultation to delivery.

For complete control over the best possible outcome – for satisfied customers!

Aurolia in Meiningen Thüringen