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Three paths to the perfect surface

To achieve a perfect surface, Aurolia primarily utilizes three electroplating processes. With their assistance, we can positively influence many important properties of the material. Aurolia surfaces are harder, more durable, more wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. Our customers specify the requirements, and we create a surface layer that precisely meets their needs, from functionality to texture and appearance.

Overview of our processes

Hard anodizing

Aurolia signet


Aurolia blau

Chemical nickel plating

Aurolia signet

Further processing

Aurolia signet

Anodized black

Anodized natural matte etching

Anodized black decorative etching

Anodized natural



Anodizing provides aluminum with an oxide layer, protecting it from corrosion. This process also occurs naturally, but we manipulate it intentionally to achieve various beneficial properties. We create a layer thousands of times thicker than in nature, three times as hard, with a luxurious texture and appearance. Whether high-gloss, matte, low reflection, stainless steel appearance, or targeted concealment of surface defects, through various processing steps, we enable a wide range of appearances and colors. And thanks to the PLC control of our coating system, we can quickly and accurately reproduce any surface result.

Hard facts

We offer you the following advantages in a work window of 1200 x 700 x 300 mm:

  • Decorative mechanical pretreatment
  • Tailored coating processes
  • Etching as desired
  • Coating thicknesses from 5-25 µm
  • Coloring according to your preferences
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Two-stage sealing process
  • Good hardness of approximately 200 HV

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