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Those with high standards for a machine must apply this standard to each individual component. To achieve the desired properties, a sophisticated surface coating is indispensable. The requirement: a wide selection of surfaces that enhance the functionality of our customers’ systems. This calls for components with wear-resistant, lubricious, and corrosion-protected surfaces. Moreover, the demand for the machines is so high and urgent that commissioning often looms shortly after we receive the components for coating. Therefore, alongside outstanding quality, short delivery times, consistent adherence to deadlines, and reliable delivery service are crucial success factors in our work.

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At the core is always the question of functionality of machine components. For instance, hard-anodized surfaces are sought after in the food or seed industry to keep the coated surfaces not only wear-resistant but also clean. We achieve the cleaning effect through PTFE impregnation after hard anodizing. It imparts sliding properties to the surface, comparable to those of the Lotus effect.

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