Anwendungsbereich Medizintechnik

Creating high-performance surfaces for the healthcare industry is particularly close to our hearts because they directly and immediately assist people. Naturally, the focus here is often on making medical technology corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant. However, our surfaces in this area are subjected to very particular demands. Medical devices need to be disinfected and cleaned countless times. Aggressive agents are sometimes used, which the top layer must reliably withstand. We provide our customers’ products with a protective coating so that they can assist medical professionals on-site in saving lives.

What we can do for you

Thanks to the anodizing process, the surface of the dialysis equipment we enhance can be reliably and thoroughly cleaned. The same process was also used during the COVID-19 pandemic to prepare the urgently needed ventilators for their life-saving task. We are also a valuable partner for orthosis manufacturers. Not only do the products receive a surface that protects them from corrosion and wear, but through the targeted application of different layer thicknesses, we can positively influence the fit of the orthosis with high detail and precision.

Innovative Medizintechniklösungen von Aurolia für die Gesundheitsbranche