Anwendungsbereich Elektrotechnik

Digitalization entails: increasing data volumes, more data centers, and a continuously growing energy demand. A large portion of the electricity is used for cooling the servers. To enhance the efficiency of heat sinks, we black anodize them to increase the heat dissipation of the application. This is particularly important for heat sinks with high natural convection. Additionally, the oxide layer acts as an electrical insulator, preventing current leakage across the heat sink.

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At the center of attention is always the functionality of machine components. For instance, in Aurolia’s case, hard-anodized components utilize a color pigment with exceptionally high lightfastness. The result: the heat sinks remain durably black and electrically insulating, preventing current leakage and thus avoiding efficiency losses. To achieve electromagnetic compatibility, we can also apply a special passivation process. This process provides high corrosion protection while maintaining electrical conductivity. By combining both methods, it is also possible to define areas for potential equalization.

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