Anwendungsbereich Wehrtechnik

Hardly any attribute is as crucial in products for defence technology as reliability. The surface plays a significant role in contributing to this. It protects the material, ensuring longevity even under heavy stress. Wear resistance and corrosion protection demand precise workmanship. Our highly standardized processes ensure excellent reproducibility, providing you with the confidence to rely on our surfaces.

What we can do for you

Our reinforced surfaces enhance the durability of your product, providing a genuine competitive advantage. With our robust performance, we can maintain short lead times even for high volumes. Our coating processes are applicable to many materials typical in defence technology, contributing to the improvement of your products and actively fostering your business success!

Aurolia Wehrtechnik

Anodizing/refining ammunition for the defence industry

Aurolia veredelt Munition
Aurolia Waffentechnik

Anodizing/refining ammunition for the defence industry

Anodizing, hard anodizing or chemical nickel plating – whether it’s ammunition, riflescopes, silencers or other firearm accessories, Aurolia is your reliable partner when it comes to getting everything right.


We anodize ammunition especially for the defence industry. By coating ammunition (anodizing ammunition), we achieve greater precision and resistance to environmental influences.


Our processes reduce the discrepancy between the target mark in the sight picture and the actual hit position of the bullet. We not only increase the accuracy, but also the range of the bullet.